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New Shine International Digital Co., Ltd

Our former company is New Shine Digital Technology (NSDT) Co., Ltd and according to our business expand day by day . So we change our company name to New Shine international Digital(NSTD) Co., Ltd , and now we are setting up new departments, they are selling any DIY and creative crafts and tools .They are included compatible arduino projects , any other electronic DIY kits , mini multifunctional assemble Machine(lathe ),DIY laser Engraving machine, DIY mini tools , physical , optic , bioelectrical, electronic experiments kits and sets. 

New Shine International Digital (NSDT) Co., Ltd , founded in 1997. Devoting to expand the related networking and technology products to the market in the world . Now our new department New Shine Education Technology International(NSETI) Co., Ltd will promote the Maker culture and IoT based products from the world and create the new engineering revolution. We provide a prolific range of free DIY tutorials, open source projects and videos which will allow an individual to prototype and bring their ideas to life! We will renew and enrich the curricula and learning activities of Science , Technology and Mathematics and Enhance the training of teachers, allowing Primary and secondary students to fully unleash their potential in innovation.

About Us


While searching for items for projects and our own hobbies, and talking with others, we found that there were no one-stop solutions to find Do-It-Yourself (DIY) materials, kits, tools, and equipment. It was common to have to shop and scour many sites to find all the materials for a project. This frustrating process would result in wasted time, wasted monies spent for shipping from several sites.


This inspired us to create our business to promote technology and the benefits of a ‘Maker’ culture all over the world. We believe that building the ‘Maker’ culture is key to innovation, economic growth, and provides new generations the ability to create the next engineering revolution.


As the company New Shine Digital Technology, we devoted to expanding technology in our home country of Taiwan. As our business started to grow in 1997, we realized we should expand. The first step in our expansion was to rebrand ourselves. This included adding more engineering, science, and mathematics merchandise.


Today, as New Shine International Digital and New Shine Education Technology International, we are devoted to expanding our business of technology merchandise to the world, particularly to instill the ‘Maker’ culture with governments, schools, libraries, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. The ‘Maker’ movement around the world includes events like Maker Fairs where children have hands-on and interactive activities with all levels of technology, science, engineering, and mathematics. Playing with gizmos, taking items apart and putting them back together, soldering, and even programming spur creativity and spark the interest of exploring these topics throughout life. It also allows a child to see that they have the power to be a creator, and, potentially, to make a difference in the world.


From the beginning, we offered much technology brands and vendors such as Cisco, HP, IBM, Sun(Oracle). few favorites regularly purchased, including the mini laser and mini lathe for advanced industrial crafting in your school, agency, or home. As the hot topic item in recent years we carry several styles and varieties of 3D printing tools, scanners, printers, and materials. Along with those items, our wide variety of high-quality DIY projects include:

ü  Solar equipment

ü  Oil pressing equipment

ü  Networking products

ü  Agricultural equipment

ü  Brewery equipment

ü  Lasers, including engraving machines

ü  Arduino projects

ü  Electronic DIY component sets

ü  Science experiments from elementary to college level

ü  Drone components and accessories

ü  Multifunctional assemble machines, including mini lathes

ü  Mini tools

ü  Robotics

ü  Optical kits

ü  Bioelectrical kits

ü  Electronic experiments, kits, and sets

ü  Kitchen goods

ü  Household products

ü  Heat Pressing Machine for creating clothes, shoes, hats, and more


We are different than other suppliers because we strive to keep prices affordable, provide the widest variety of goods and services related to technology, science, engineering, and mathematics. Our full-service approach includes online teaching and video tutorials, open-source projects, great prices, and products that meet your needs. From the initial sets of kits and individual items purchased, we can sustain your projects with replacement parts, additional sets, and modifiers. Partnering with reliable third party shippers who ensure professional delivery of products wherever you live or work.

Our recommended products are particularly interesting as well, offering everyone from individuals, small businesses, and classrooms generally basic and advanced abilities not previously available.


Please share your DIY project ideas with us. From individual to small or large group settings, we specialize in finding solutions. We are proud to have worked with Chin Shen Junior High School last year and many government entities including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, and other African countries.


Our close-knit staff is happy to work with you to achieve your dreams in the future , let’s work together!


Bangladesh office Marketing Manager ;

Connect person :Mr. Atm Touhidul Islam

4th Floor, 161/3 , Santingor,palton,Dhaka,Bangladesh , zip code : 1217

CELL: 880 1745670789


Pakistan our company representative office 

Connect person :Mr. Mohammad Shakeel

R-376 Sector 15-B Buffer Zone , North Karachi , Pakistan

CELL: 92-300-9258622


New Shine International Education Technology  Co., Ltd

We will renew and enrich the curricula and learning activities of Science , Technology and Mathematics and Enhance the training of teachers, allowing Primary and secondary students to fully unleash their potential in innovation.

Maker Movement have become increasingly important as a means to introduce kids to these fields. At Maker Faires, children get hands-on experience with electronic gadgets, from programming to soldering. Kids can play with robotic kits, try building a drone and generally tinker with all sorts of gizmos.

So we are an important role in this field . We want to bring ideas form the summer into classrooms. Public libraries and to other constituents and the world . "This really is a movement." "We want every young person to see that they can be a creator and maker of their own life."

Why Choose US?

New Shine Shipping Top Quality DIY Crafts, Projects, and "Make it Yourself" Merchandise and Products to the World.

For nearly two decades New Shine has been offering top quality products at outstanding prices. You get excellent workmanship and design people everywhere appreciate. We focus on in-demand products that fulfill demonstrated need and sell quickly.

While we offer a great many innovative products, kits, and DIY projects; we have a few favorites customers everywhere consistently ask for. Be sure to see our Mini Laser and Mini Lathe that give you advanced industrial crafting capabilities in the comfort of your home. Check out the Mini CNC Router, CNC +Laser 2 in 1 Machine, and many more.

3D printers have revolutionized what is possible. Rather than just being available in major industrial facilities, we are bringing 3D printing technology to homes everywhere. Don't miss our 3D Scanner and value priced 3D Printer Filament (PLA, ABS, PETG). Please take note of the 3d printer+ Laser engraving machine, 3d printer pen, and others.

Make your own drone, make your own clothes, shoes, hats and more (Check our Heat Pressing Machine). We're giving people everywhere the ability to make more of what they currently buy. Our customers get the deep self satisfaction of making it themselves while realizing the great cost savings DIY provides.

New Shine is also known for reliable Kitchen and Household Tools. Following our philosophy of customers doing it themselves, most of our products enable the average person or small business to do every day and advanced functions perhaps not available before. Make your own stuff with our recommended merchandise. It's the New Shine way.

We also offer some perennial classics for education and exploration. See our collection of Physical Experiment Kits and Electronic Experiment Kits. In the DIY spirit these let anyone experience a vast array of enlightening experiment. Don't miss the several toolbox sets that give you everything you need to complete DIY jobs in your home.

New Shine is a close-knit operation staffed with people who care. We make every effort to offer only the finest products. Then ship to you using excellent third-party shippers who carefully deliver products to all corners of the world.

We are always receiving new products. Be sure to check back often for exciting new additions. Make New Shine your one-stop-shop for DIY products that enhance your life in every way. We are your total solution integration company.

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Work with us to enjoy more sales and better profits. Our company will work with yours for a beneficial win-win experience. Please send us your requirements now for a no-obligation discussion. We can help with all your DIY or creative projects.

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