New Shine White Light four eyes 3d scanner Product

New Shine White Light Four eyes 3d scanner ProductProduct Information White Light Four eyes 3d scanner  Handy 3d scanner works  Handy 3d scanner works  White Light Four eyes 3d scanner Product Details Specifications1. Model: NS3DZ 2.Single scan range : 400*300 , 200*150,100*75, 50*40 3.Single measurement accuracy: 400*300 , 200*150 : 0.015~0.025 , 100*75, 50*40: 0.01~0.015..

Brand: New Shine
Product Code:NS-384

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New Shine White Light Four eyes 3d scanner Product

Product Information

 White Light Four eyes 3d scanner  Handy 3d scanner works  Handy 3d scanner works  

White Light Four eyes 3d scanner Product Details Specifications

1. Model: NS3DZ

2.Single scan range : 400*300 , 200*150,100*75, 50*40 3.Single measurement accuracy: 400*300 , 200*150 : 0.015~0.025 , 100*75, 50*40: 0.01~0.015

3.sampling pitch radiography : 400*300: 0.3 , 200*150: 0.15 , 100*75:0.06 , 50*40:0.03 4.Scan Object size : 400*300 : 400~5000mm , 200*150: 100~400mm , 100*75: 50~100mm, 50*40 <50mm

5 Measurement method :Non-contact surface measurement model. 6.Digital Splicing method : Dotted mosaic automatic identification stitching

7.Camera Sensor: Industrial camera 130 M pixel *4 pcs . 8.Industrial lens: industrial Lens 300M pixel *4

9.Grating system : America DLP digital raster heterodyne multi-frequency phase-shift , novel area-modulated phase-shifting binary method for three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement. 10.Grating light source : LED cold light source , life expectancy: 35000 Hours .

11. Scan type Non-contact structure light scanning. 12. Output Data format: ACS , OBJ, STL , ,PLY, IGES.

13 . Scan time : < 5 sec 14. Operation system : win 98 / NT / 2000/XP/Win 7 / Win 10 64

15.Applicable Filed : 400*300 : Auto parts vehicle appliances , large molds sculptures. 200*150: sole ,shoes wood carving and other medium-sized components, 100*75 : jade carving hardware consumer electronics, 50*40 : ultra-precision jade hardware earphone film and so on.

16.Memory usage : Supporting large memory more than 32G Voltage: 100-230V,50/60HZ

Product Description:

The product has four adjustable mode, suitable for scanning objects of different sizes, to meet customer professional , Product design and development, set high-speed scanning and high-precision advantages, a variety of stitching co-exist, enabling high-precision measurement , The amount of complex surface, the operation is simple and quick, widely used in toys, glasses, shoes and apparel, wood carving, industrial parts, Rapid prototyping and other related products, 3D scanning and design.


1.Efficient and Reliable Scanning.

Less than 5s for a single scan . It takes around 30 minutes to scan a 1-meter-long object and get a high accuracy and resolution result

2.Convenient Scanning

Equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges, suitable for 3D measurement and inspection including these heavy and large objects.


Small and portable, can be applied in various conditions.metal flight case .

4.Full Dimension Measurement and Inspection

Non-contact measurement can be applied in complex component to get full dimension inspection and measurement.

Feature and Advantage

1)Scanning speed is very fast, single scan time is less than 5S, a few seconds to collect more than 100 million points, measuring points Very regular distribution.

2) dual camera using strict hardware synchronization mechanism, the measurement data more clearly;.

3) Can scan dark or even black objects. Most objects can be directly scanned without surface treatment.

4) The use of high-brightness LED cold light source, greatly extended life expectancy, fever, high scanning accuracy and stability.

5) The use of low distortion lens, scanning accuracy has been further improved.

6) The use of aluminum body, thermal deformation coefficient is small, to ensure higher accuracy and stability of equipment.

7) Multiple point cloud automatic splicing.

8) Support for overlapping point cloud automatically select the best data, automatic cutting, multiple data fusion high precision, no points , Layer and stripes.automatically crop.

9) equipped with lens hood to prevent accidental drop equipment damage to the lens.

10) portable, can be moved to the scene for measurement, flexible operation, one person can carry, scan more easily.

11) The heavy, large workpieces (such as molds, reliefs, etc.) that can not be placed on the workbench can be measured.

12) a multi-purpose machine, a variety of scanning specifications, as small as a few millimeters up to a few meters of object scanning ,

13) a lots of data interfaces, asc, ac, ply, stl and other data formats can be directly , Geomagic, Imagerware, UG, Caita, Proe / E, Form and other 3D software exchange number , according to.,

14) Compatible with almost 3D software in the market.

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