New Shine 130 cases of breadboard experiments( Chinese Version)

New Shine 130 cases of breadboard experiments( Chinese Version)

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130 examples of breadboard experiments(Chinese Version )

The book is in the { breadboard electronic production 68 cases } on the basis of streamlining and adding content made of, including the basic components, discrete component test article, 555 experimental circuit of the integrated circuit, digital circuit experiment four parts, a total of 130 Experimental cases, each case has a brief principle, schematics and assembly drawings, with that production difficulty. These experiments were selected for the common, common devices, easy to purchase, with an intuitive presentation, without soldering iron, making a high success rate. Readers can figure out, you can achieve good learning results, especially for beginners of electronic technology.

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130 breadboard lessons
Section 1Preparation of the xx components
Section 2Introduction to Breadboard
Section 3Resistors
Section 4Capacitors
Section 5Diodes
Section 6Triode
Section 7CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits
Section 8555 Integrated Circuits
Section 9Other Devices
Section 10Multimeters and Tools
130 breadboard lessons
Product Details Specifications
Capacitor Charging, Discharge DisplaySimple tone electronic doorbell
Dual tone electronic doorbellDelayed Electronic Doorbell
multi- channel delay electronic doorbellLow-voltage light-controlled LED flashing light
Sound LED flashing lighThree LED Loop Lamps (One)
3 LED loop lights (2)Light control switch
Light control delay switchLight Control Jog Switches
Light Safety Protection SwitchAcousto-optic Dual Control Delay Switch
Light control anti- theft alarm systemSimple Electronic Hypnosis
Electronic Timed Hypnosispseudo myopia correction therapy instrument
Prophylactic Myopic Metering IndicatorSound and light for the prevention of myopia Soil Moisture Detector
Water level change alarmTwo-way water level alarm
Delayed Baby Moisture AlarmMulti-channel disconnection alarm
line potentiometerTouch the electronic switch
Triode Time Delay SwitchAudio amplifier
Audio Power AmplifierSpace Sounder
Machine Gun Sound Simulatorsiren sounder
Transistor lockcolor flash
Photoreceptor LarkElectronic Firefly
Ding Dong audio doorbellA doorbell with a flashing indication
Anti-theft electronic doorbellA memory doorbell
Delayed Electronic DoorbellTouch the time delay doorbell
Multi-door delay doorbellSingle button switch control lamp
Switch on automatic delay switchTouch Switch Lamp
Delay Protection SwitchBurglar Alarm System
Multi-channel disconnection alarmDoor lock identification alarm
Analog siren sirenAmbulance siren
Fire engine sirenDelay Timer
Long Delay TimerTouch the timer sounder
Segmented TimerAnti-Interference Timer
Presentation Time LimiterAdjustable on / off time of the loop time
Sound and light timerVariable Intermittent Timer
Resistance Measurement Circuittransistor good or bad discriminator
ON / OFF measuring instrumentPath detector
Two-Wire Logic State IdentifierDigital Logic Test Pen
50% duty cycle square wave generatorPositive and Negative Power Supply Conversion Circuit
DC voltage doubling circuitTriple voltage DC power supply
Triode Boost Output CircuitLight Controlled Switch
Prevention of myopic photometryLight Control Flash Electronic Bird
HypnosisTimed Hypnosis
Auricular DetectorFade-out Wake-up
Telephone Ringtone SimulatorSimple Keyboard
will blink of an eye catAnimal Tweaking Simulator
Fatigue Degree DetectorBouncing the Metronome
LED FlashBlinks / 163 alternately
Key Control Delay LampThree flashing lights
Flicker warning lightsound, light control delay lamp
Delay SwitchTouch switch
Touch the delay switchKey control switch
Analogue button self-locking switchPower failure self-locking switch
Adjustable Self- excited MultivibratorSiren generator
vibrato sound generatorD flip-flop composed of audio signal generator
Audio Circuits with Presetable TonesSound and light sound simulator
Voltage doubling circuitPositive and Negative Voltage Conversion Circuits
Positive and Negative Voltage SupplyPulse Selection Circuit
Divider with D flip-flopLight emitting logic display circuit
Multi-block timerIntermittent Timer Switch
Multi-channel disconnection alarmAnalogous Throwing Coin Circuits
Reaction Capacity TesterAnalog Electronic Candle
Electronic Music Five Music Box (One)Electronic Music Five Music Box (Part)
LED Sequential Loop IndicatorsLED Riddles
Touch LED 9 Puzzle LED RingsSound Controlled Lanterns
Red and Yellow StrobeAnalogous Throwing Coin Circuits

One of the highlights of this book is the theory with practice, focusing on the actual assembly, focusing on training and hands-on ability. Through these experiments, you can visually see the working state of the circuit, understand the working principle of the circuit, enhance the perceptual knowledge of electronic technology, for the future to continue to explore electronic technology and lay a solid foundation.

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