New Shine fiber electronic pulse physiotherapy health beauty massage gloves

New Shine fiber electronic pulse physiotherapy health beauty massage gloves

  • Brand : New Shine
  • Product Code : ns-374
  • Availability : 100


New Shine fiber electronic pulse physiotherapy health beauty massage gloves Details Specifications

Silver fiber conductive massage gloves, electrode acupuncture treatment instrument energy massage gloves
1.Model Number: NS-S07012.Product name:Silver fiber electronic pulse physiotherapy health beauty massage gloves, antibacterial conductive physiotherapy foot electric massage socks
3.Material:Nylon, Silver fiber,Spandex (regular silver content 15 ~ 20%, can be customized according to customer demand),Spandex.4. Color: Black /custom , Size: 7''/ 8''/ 9''/ 10''/11'' .S,M,L,XL
5.Surface Resistance:< = 20 ohm (measure the distance from the wrist to the tip of the finger).6. Feature:physiotherapy health beauty massage.
7. Application: Foot, beauty , health care, medical equipment industry and sports, fitness, etc.8. Knitting::13~18 Gauge (inside conduction, outside conduction, inside and out-side conduction). .
9.Type:Foot Massager, Massage socks.10. 1 pair/OPP bag, Independent packaging. ,200~300pairs/carton, or as per the customer's request.
11..12.standard certificate : CE SGS ROHS .
Working Principle:
1.) This product is only used in conjunction with massage therapy apparatus or beauty apparatus. It can mass-age the muscles of the human body or acupoints through the action of micro current, promote the local blood circ-ulation, and speed up the metabolism of the muscles,It can effectively oxidize and decompose free radicals and solve the accumulation of free genes in human body,unable to clean up in time, resulting in dim skin, pigmen-tation, etc. So as to achieve whitening, rejuvenation and shaping effect..
1) Please wash it with warm water and special washing liquid.2) Ventilation dry place to dry, do not expose to sun.

Product Application :

1) For the eyes : bring gloves, massage around the eyes, can enhance the corners of the eye, dispel dark circles, eliminate bags under the eyes, eliminate crow's feet. .

2)For the face: bring gloves, massage on the face, can eliminate stains, whitening the skin, add moisture, eliminate wrinkles, face lift, firming, and eliminate double chin..

3)For the body: slight hips, body plastic chest, flat belly, also have very good effect on the recovery of hand hemp, hand function of hemiplegic patients..

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