New Shine Nail making machine Soluation

Complete nail production line

        (for making 1-6 inches nails)

Process flow: Wire rod -- wire drawing ---nail making—nail polishing—finished nails.

1.     Wire drawing machine

Function: This is the combined wire drawing machine. If the diameter of wire is thick before it entering the nail making machine, this machine can reduce the diameter of wire, then the user can get the diameter that they need. It is can be matched with 2 combinations,combinations, 4 combinations or more according to the daily capacity.

Technical parameter:

Model No.


Remarks, this machine comes with  descaling device and discharging device.

Maxim Inlet Wire Diameter


Minimum Outlet Wire Diameter


Total motor power


Drawing speed


LS3-560 wire drawing machine

 (3 combinations)

Details of each machine


2. Pointing rolling machine

Function: This is pointing rolling machine, to sharpen the head of the wire, then it can enter the wire drawing machine.

Model No.

pointing rolling machine

Rolling pointed range


Motor power


Overall size






 3. Butt welding machine


Function: This is butt welding machine, to weld two wires coil together. When one wire coil finish drawing, this machine can connect the next wire coil to continue to be drawn by the wire drawing machine.

Model No.

butt welding machine

Butt weld range



380V 50HZ





4. New generation of automatic nail making machine

This machine adopts piston structure to ensure the high working speed, low noise and less chance of impact characteristics, especially can make excellent quality  , nail and other special-shaped nail which are suitable for high speed studs for welding machine and nail gun.

Function: This machine is auxiliary equipment of nail making machine. When the nails have been made by the nail making machine, it will be not very bright. The user can use this machine to polish the nails to let it brighter, smoother and anti-rust.

6. Automatic cutter grinding machine   

Function: This is the auxiliary equipment of nail making machine, when the nail cutter of the nail making machine is not so sharp, the user can use this machine to sharpen it.

Remarks: including diamond grinding wheels (for sharpening Tungsten alloy nail cutter).

spare parts for all nail making machine

spare parts for wire drawing machine

Model No.

Wire drawing die

Finished nails: 

Remarks  :

Delivery time: 15days after receiving  payment.

4. Warranty time: two years (wearing parts  and spare parts are not included .)


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