Why Choose US ?

New Shine International Education Technology Co., Ltd.We are in networking filed about 18 years already , but now we are expanded our product lines , they are all included in any of DIY (Do It Yourself !) and creative Hobbies items .

Our company can provide any DIY and hobby makers merchandise, now they are included in Arduino projects and electronic DIY components set and mini multifunctional lathe , mini multifunctional die grinder drilling , and other any science DIY experiments sets and 3d printer components and accessories and any drone components and accessories .

And if you can't find any DIY and hobby makers merchandise, please just shoot us an email to us or leave messages to us , then we will try our best to look for your company , because of we cooperate with so many important and strongest vendors from the world.

There are hundreds of technology partners out there to choose from.Finding one you can count on and build a relationship wit for the long-term can be a difficult task.

Here are some reasons why choosing New Shine Education Technology International Co., Ltd is the best decision for your company.

We promote the Maker culture and IoT based products from our country and create the new engineering revolution. We provide a prolific range of free DIY tutorials, open source projects and videos which will allow an individual to prototype and bring their ideas to life!

We mentor, support and guide thousands of individuals through our platform.

We can make sure you work with us , you will get more prosperous business than ever . and make sure our company and your company can get win-win business together in the future . So right now ,Hurry up ! Go ahead! just send us your emails to us , let us know how to help your DIY or creative projects!

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